Jan 23, 2022

I haven’t seen my family for more than 2 years. I would love to go back and visit my parents but for Bloody Hell HK’s strict border controls and mandatory quarantine requirements for 99.9% of incoming travellers. That’s right, even if you are a permanent resident of this Bloody Hell city and fully vaccinated, you must go through a minimum of 14 days hotel quarantine. The 0.01% exception applies if you are the likes of people like Nicole Kidman who created a controversy when the Bloody Hell Govt exempted her from quarantine when she came to shoot a film last year. Unless absolutely necessary, and as long as this bloody hell requirement stays in place, I doubt I will be travelling anywhere. As much anguish as this is, I am thankful that nothing urgent has happened back home that requires my absolute return. By urgent, I’m referring to sudden deterioration in health or death in the family. After all, my dad isn’t doing so good. Even before the pandemic, his health has been a concern.

My mum and I communicate by text messages daily. Few days ago, my mum texted me to say that my dad shitted in his pants while my cousin’s family were visiting. He has done that a few times in the past and she was saying he might need to start wearing adults diaper. Earlier this evening, I got a message from my mum that my dad was lying on the bathroom floor and had difficulty getting up. Fortunately, my mum got assistance from a volunteer in a senior activity group nearby who came to help my dad up. Growing up, my dad never liked to walk and exercise. Since the pandemic and travel restrictions, he has become even more bedridden. I’m not sure if it’s because he has bad knees that he doesn’t like to walk or if he is getting weak due to lack of walking, it’s probably a vicious cycle. I was scared and worried when I received the message from my mum and I can only imagine how frightening it must have been for her. It was with relief that my dad turned out safe and sound, but can we honestly guarantee it won’t happen again? It actually wasn’t the first time and I fear that the frequencies of it happening will increase. And what this means is that even if air travel is resumed to normal, I have doubts if my mum and I can still both go on vacations together, leaving my dad to take care of himself at home. I’m thankful that we are all in one piece for now, but I also hate that we have lost so much precious time together.

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