Jan 28, 2022

I had my first dose of BioNTech in late August last year followed by my second dose 3 weeks after. The most common side effect I heard from people around me was sleepiness, which is something I experience on a daily basis, such that I couldn’t say if the vaccine made me more or less tired. I did however experience a bad tummy for a few days and a loss of appetite for about 2 weeks following my first dose. In between my first and second dose, I have lost 2-3 kg. I’ve been wanting to lose weight for sometime but haven’t been successful and this unexpected weight loss became my motivation. Even after I regained my appetite, I continued to control my diet and weight (with exercise). I was also under a lot of stress during that period, with the beginning of the semester in September. I had coursework to complete, in addition to teaching duties, and we had resumed face to face classes, which meant the campus was crowded with people. I slept poorly too because I was dreaming a lot in my sleep. I am less busy this semester but have lost 6 kg in 5 months. I have a bag of old clothes that I was going to donate, clothes I haven’t worn for many years because they didn’t fit anymore. I have since retrieved a few back and amused to find them fit again. On the other hand, the new pants I bought no longer fit because they have become too loose.

I had been through sudden weight transformation twice before. The first time was 2007, I was months into my training contract in a law firm when I developed a bad cough and lost 2 kg in a weekend. The second time was 2014 when I was studying for a MPhil degree and having noise problems with the neighbours upstairs. I lost about 4 kg in a week, the nurse at the clinic had to ask me to stand on the scale twice to make sure she hadn’t made a mistake. She made such a big fuss that I hated going back to the clinic. In the end, I did stopped returning and dropped out from my studies.

I am not sure if or to what extent my weight loss reflects my mental state or stress level but I did find it amusing that I seem to go through a period of weight loss every 7 years. Anyway, I am pleased with my present weight and would like to keep it that way. With the way things are going bloody hell, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

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